The Recipe for Digital Circular Success

In a recent webinar, Kyle Cook from UMI spoke about the power of combining traditional printed circulars with a digital counterpart.

While the traditional circular is a great way to target customers while in-store, the digital circular extends that reach to prospective visitors, and loyal fans while they are online. Plus, with the use of data, stores can personalize which products viewers see to directly correlate to their interests. Not to mention that a digital circular can easily tie into loyalty programs, helping to turn the occasional shopper into your biggest fan. That’s just to name a few (read other reasons why you need a digital circular strategy in this recent blog post).

Yet, the ability to leverage all of its available capabilities requires the know-how of what’s possible and the expertise to implement it. We’ve put together a guide on how grocery chains can successfully execute a digital circular. Read our recent report to see the 8 essentials for effective digital circular distribution

And of course, feel free to reach out to StitcherAds. We can get you started with delivering personalized social circular ads. Just request a demo.