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Scheduled Designs: Go Ahead and Make Weekend Plans

We’ve all been there… sitting at work, having to wait for just the right moment to hit the button for your ads to execute–especially around peak times like holidays and big sales. For those tasks, being the point person can be challenging.  It often means having to work late or on weekends. For those in charge of managing performance teams, it means dealing with all kinds of bandwidth issues or worse–unhappy employees. 

Luckily the StitcherAds product team just released a game-changing tool–scheduled designs. The scheduled designs tool is built to save time and manual effort by scheduling your creative designs in advance. Plus, it offers the ability to run continuous creative deployment without triggering the learning phase. 

Using scheduled designs allows your team to set up a feed update in advance so that you do not need to be online late at night or at weekends. The feature allows marketers to easily update any designs applied to your feeds as well as mappings and Max rules (rules-based feed editing and logic). Additionally, the tool has the ability to edit scheduled designs’ date, time, or content so users can easily change ads on the fly. We think this will come in especially handy when placing ads with countdowns or shifting sales promotions.

Our exclusive alpha partners have already started to see drastic changes in how teams work. Since its release, 626 designs have been scheduled by 36 users from 23 clients.  When we compare November 2021 through January 2022 to the same time period a year ago we saw a dramatic drop in work done outside of working hours.


  • Out-of-office updates decreased by 35%.
  • 144 out of office updates saved in last quarter
  • 24 hours of users’ time saved in the last quarter.