Drive results across the board.

Our powerful technology and expertise help flatten your funnel and drive performance from brand awareness to retargeting.

Organic Pins

Create thousands of Pins with just a few clicks.

StitcherAds combines product images, feed data and bespoke design elements to create thousands of eye-catching Pins that stand out in search results.

Shopping Pins

Create custom Shopping Pins from your product feed.

StitcherAds enhanced Shopping Pins, with branding, custom backgrounds, star ratings and more, stand out in shopping searches and drive conversions.


You bring the data, we handle the rest.

Assemble the Basics 

Receive raw data to build and format feeds as needed for Pinterest.

Enhance Data

Merge in additional data points like Offline sales, Margin, UGC, or Store Inventory data from any source.

Ensure Accuracy

Automate daily updates and solidify accuracy with ongoing QA processes.

Drive Performance

Leverage your data to unblock tactics, personalize your creative & drive results.


Measure Pinterest campaigns with custom reporting built specifically for your business.

Custom attribution models

Ex: 100% of 30 day Clicks + 25% of 7 day View attribution

Powerful filters

Ex: Ad Groups, Objective, Audience and Channels

Fully customize and easily share views

Ex: Last 30-day view
prospecting vs. retargeting

Cross-platform campaign integration