Optimize Your Product Feed for the Best Return with Performance Product Sets

For retailers that have ten of thousands of products in their feed, it can be very challenging to understand which products are being served on Facebook. For example, if a brand has 60,000+ products in their feed, it could be a near impossible feat to be able to fully understand which products prospects are seeing. Even more, it has been challenging to have control over which products are being delivered–affecting both performance and your bottom line. In some scenarios, viewers could be seeing ads that cost more than the actual product they are selling!

Luckily, there is a way. Kargo Commerce recently released a powerful tool for getting the most out of your advertising spend. Performance Product Sets allows retail and ecommerce companies to select which products to prioritize in your Facebook feeds. Performance marketers can now see and filter their products based on price, popularity, revenue, and more and then hand pick which of those products to show viewers. In the case of our advertiser with a 60,000+ feed, your performance team could filter for specific KPIs to reduce the feed, and serve ads that are the most likely to perform well – maximizing return on ad spend.

The Key Details

Why You Should Care:

Performance Product Sets allow retailers to see which products are most popular on your feed and allows them to prioritize those SKUS. This powerful tool allows marketers to control the products they are showing prospects by price, popularity, or even by what’s available in stock.

Available KPIs:

  • Product revenue
  • Quantity
  • Unique purchases
  • Average price
  • Average qty
  • Product refund amount
  • Cart-to-detail rate
  • Buy-to-detail rate

Success We’ve Already Seen:

  • A furniture retailer used Performance Product Sets to curate by average order value and saw a 20% improvement in ROAS.
  • An apparel retailer curated their feed by net revenue and saw a 46% improvement in ROAS and 18% improvement in cost per purchase.
  • An ecommerce furniture retailer curated their feed by most popular/traffic and saw a 5x increase in AOV and a 2x increase in clicks.

If you’re not a Kargo Commerce client and you like to learn more about our platform, just request a demo and we’d be happy to show you how you can optimize your ad spend.