Getting Creative in the Privacy Era

As Apple has released changes to their privacy policies, advertisers everywhere are being faced with new challenges for reaching their desired audiences.  Those using StitcherAd’s creative platform have the tools at hand to help them create personalized ads proven and tested to reach their audiences. At its core, our platform is built to help retail and eCommerce performance marketers easily create ads with custom branding and promotional elements, all built to scale. Plus, the technology can hone in on local inventory, store-specific countdowns, and more. 

One of our biggest takeaways from the past few months is that to be successful at the ad game, brands must up their creative game or risk getting left behind by their competitors. 

New privacy policies are affecting 4 key areas of advertising: loss of signals, shrinking retargeting pools, increasing prospecting investment, and lack of reporting visibility. In this blog, we outline our top suggestions for overcoming iOS14+ performance issues using our creative platform.

Solving for Loss of Signal with Creative Suite:

One of the biggest challenges for performance marketers is that iOS14’s shortened attribution window has caused signal loss for consumer behavior. Our top recommendation to many of the brands we work with is that they need to leverage test and learn capabilities to understand what drives performance. By testing your ads you can better understand what elements truly resonate with different audiences. Our creative platform allows brands to tag ads and set up comparison views to analyze individual components. Plus, users can test multivariate, A/B, brand lift, and more. 

For example, as they gear up for the holidays, brands may want to test different DPA elements against each other to understand which ads perform the best. You could test percentage off versus a countdown, or promo codes versus Buy Now Pay Later badges amongst a plethora of options. Then, iterate creative based on the results of your testing and continue to test new variations. The more you can understand your consumers and what drives them to convert, the easier it will be to reach them.

Learn more about our A/B testing in our 2 part blog series.

Working around shrinking retargeting pools:

Another issue brands are facing is that they have less visibility into web and app activity, ultimately making it harder to retarger bottom of the funnel audiences. Luckily, there are other ways to hone your data to reach customers. 

Data is everything. Integrate first-party data, such as CRM data, in-store data, or loyalty program data to help grow your retargeting pools. Use the e In-store Data Connector, within the StittcherAds platform to ingest in-store data to attribute. Then, use the Creative Platform to personalize your creative and promoted products to specifically cater to each audience segment. 

Learn more about how to use in-store data for online targeting in our white paper. 

Unified Commerce: Driving In-store Sales from Your Online Ads

Battling increased costs for prospecting:

So far we have seen that smaller retargeting pools are causing advertisers to move budget towards the top of funnel advertising (DABA). Our clients have been utilizing our platform for some DABA, but we also encourage them to continue using retargeting ads. 

Collapse the funnel and make your prospecting budget more effective by including branding and performance in your ads through overlays. Our creative platform makes it easy to include star ratings, sale prices, pricing plans, and brand logos on your ads. Plus, you are able to showcase multiple products relevant to your target audience at once with interactive formats. 

Read more about how to collapse the funnel in our Enhanced DPA eGuide.

Gaining reporting visibility

Without proper ROI measurement, the impact of social ad spend can be ambiguous. Yet, there are other great ways to understand what drives the best return. Within the creative platform, the easiest way to gain insight is to compare creatives across multiple Campaigns or Ad Sets. Beyond that, marketers can utilize StitcherAds reporting technology to analyze third-party source-of-truth data alongside social performance for in-depth measurement. We’ll dive into reporting and data metrics further in one of our upcoming blogs. 

A platform built for both beauty and efficiency. 

With so many retail and eCommerce brands competing for spend, on top of privacy regulations that hinder retargeting, advertisers should explore all the ways to get the most bang for their buck. StitcherAds Creative platform is built to make it easy to create thumb-stopping ads, with elements that drive awareness. Plus, we make it easy to scale across platforms. 

Things move fast in the advertising world, but if you are needing extra guidance, our team of success managers would be happy to show you how to make the most of the platform. Not yet a StitcherAds client? Request a performance strategy session to see where our platform can take you.