Digital Circulars and Catalogs

Unlock the next level of circular personalization.

Elevate your print circular or catalog by transforming it into a personalized-to-user experience on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest.


Deliver ads that appeal to each user’s interests.

Personalization drives performance. Leverage data from any first or third-party source to deliver digital catalogs of localized, relevant products. Unlike print where one-size-fits-all, StitcherAds’ data-fueled, digital circulars are tailored to each user (e.g., only show organic food to organic buyers).

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Highlight store-level offers at scale.

Create interactive, localized experiences. StitcherAds has unlocked the ability for retailers to automatically show customers product selections with prices and offers from their nearest store. You no longer have to set up ads for each store. StitcherAds can auto-detect the nearest store and show offers that are only available at that location.

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Boost engagement and sales from loyalty customers.

Show your loyal customers some extra love. Use digital circulars and catalogs to tailor your communications to loyalty shoppers. Display unique rewards point updates and redeemable offers to each customer based on their loyalty status.


Seamlessly create thumb-stopping digital experiences.

Use the StitcherAds Digital Circular Builder to transform print creative into stunning digital circulars. This tool allows you to create and save on-brand templates – simplifying and speeding up your workflow. Additionally, apply dynamic overlays to automatically showcase localized offers, coupons, pricing, and fine print on each product image.

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Attribute store sales to online ads with accuracy.

Measure campaign effectiveness down to the store and product level – as soon as the next day. Securely upload, cleanse, and optimize offline data to accurately attribute in-store sales to your campaign. Need a helping hand? StitcherAds has a team of dedicated onboarding specialists to work directly with your IT team or partners to unlock offline data.