Creative Refresh: Drive Performance with Off-the-Shelf Templates

We’re marketers… we understand the constant struggle of wrestling to grab a shopper’s attention and then convince them to purchase your product. Not only do you need to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time, you have to show shoppers an ad that stops them from scrolling and drives conversions. Building ads that stand out in oversaturated markets and still drive performance takes effort, expertise and enough time to understand what works.  

Enter: Creative Templates. With over a decade of expertise, our managed creative team has been building ads for the biggest brands in the world. Our ads not only stop thumbs from scrolling, but deliver premium performance you can count on. Over the last 10 years we’ve learned what creative elements work best, and we’ve translated that knowledge into beautiful off-the-shelf templates.

Creative Templates are the perfect solution for performance marketers running dynamic creative campaigns, and have the results to prove it. We’ve taken some of our most successful creatives and turned them into show-stopping templates. For one retailer we drove:

  • 48.3% Conversion Lift
  • 7.7X ROAS lift
  • $2.8M Sales lift

Not only do templates drive performance, they save you time, streamline the creative process and bring instant inspiration. Our templates take the guesswork out of creative, and come ready with built-in design principles such as alignment, spacing, and sizing based on publisher requirements. When you select a Creative Template, you have the option to customise it to fit your brand and easily incorporate product data (such as pricing, products and promotions) with dynamic, ready-to-use elements.

Creative Templates were custom-built to help you drive performance and make your life easier. Reach out to your StitcherAds or Kargo rep to get started!