John Lewis and their media agency, MG OMD, utilized StitcherAds’ dynamic overlays to deliver consistent creative across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

We had a creative challenge across our DPA campaigns due to the vast number of products within the catalogue, we partnered with StitcherAds to implement dynamic templates across a range of platforms and ad formats resulting in a clear brand message & association across the multi-channel campaign which in turn delivered high revenue for John Lewis.
Lucie Barnett
Social Ads Manager, MGOMD

The Challenge

John Lewis, a high-end home and fashion retailer in the UK along with their media agency, MG OMD, were looking for a social advertising partner to help build ads at scale using multiple, complex feeds and sophisticated dynamic templates. Their strategy was to launch catalog sales campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and prospecting campaigns leveraging these techniques and capabilities that StitcherAds offered. It was important that all dynamic templates and overlays were applied in a smooth, consistent, and seamless way to help them adequately scale across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.


With support from the StitcherAds creative team, they used the StitcherAds Creative Suite to place on-brand creative overlays consistently across all channels to drive performance with ease. Using the StitcherAds Data Suite, John Lewis and MG OMD were able to personalize and optimize their paid social ads to their customer base using both online and in-store signals such as shopper behaviors and product insights.


StitcherAds dynamic overlays and creative solutions allowed John Lewis and MG OMD to run consistent designs across 4 different platforms and unlocked creative personalization at scale.