5 things you need to know before choosing your Facebook Business Partner

Maybe you’re looking for a platform to get your Facebook ads up and running for the first time. Maybe you’re looking to make a switch to a new platform. Or maybe you’re just browsing, but no matter what your goal, it’s important to know the difference between a paid social ads platform, and the free Facebook Business Manager. As one of Facebook’s marketing partners, we know a thing or two about running social, and we’re here to help. 

You’ve probably already heard of IOS 14 and the uncertainty that ensued shortly after. When picking an advertising partner, IOS 14 should be top of mind. To quickly summarize, IOS 14 will affect the attribution and reporting accuracy of your social campaigns. Due to the new restrictions, attribution is now set at the ad set level, instead of the account level, and can only be set for 7-day clicks and 1-day views, rather than the 28-day view that was previously available. If not properly accounted for, this change leads to fragmented reporting and inaccurate attribution.

The good news is that StitcherAds came prepared for the IOS 14 chaos and can help advertisers make up for lost attribution. Unlike Facebook Business Manager, StitcherAds can pull historical data in the attribution windows that aren’t supported with IOS 14. Using custom metrics, you can calculate your Delayed Attribution Multiplier (DAM) to measure performance. This allows you to get the previous 28-day attribution window and more accurately report on the revenue your ads are driving. To learn more about how StitcherAds is combating IOS 14, check out this article. 

Measuring the success of your ad dollars is, of course, a critical part of any social campaign. Having insight into your highest performing creatives, audiences, formats, and channels enables you to be savvier with your advertising by reallocating your budget towards your most successful campaigns. While Facebook Business Manager’s measurement capabilities cover off on the basic functionality, they fall flat in comparison to StitcherAds measurement tools. We understand that all companies have a different source-of-truth measurement, so we built Third Party Stats; a tool that seamlessly ingests and marries your source-of-truth data and Facebook data so you can report, measure, and optimize successfully.

As measurement becomes increasingly important with the IOS 14 challenges, the value of attribution increases too. The Offline Conversion API (or oCAPI as we like to call it), empowers you to connect your offline-to-online data by attributing in-store sales to social advertising efforts. In turn, you can serve highly personalized and optimized ads with location-based insights and location-based promoted products. 

Where StitcherAds stands out from the oCAPI-crowd is by continuing to look at 28 day clicks/views rather than the limited 7-day max from Facebook Business Manager. With StitcherAds, you can roll up your data, aggregate it into one attribution window and easily analyze and understand the impact of your online campaigns on your offline sales over the last 28 days. The larger attribution window gives you greater insight into what ads drove what results over a longer period of time that may have been missed with smaller windows. 

Managing multiple campaigns across a brand requires time, effort, and a deep understanding of your business. Teams can spend hours building audiences, applying creatives, and managing pacing and optimization across campaigns. While Facebook Business Manager makes it possible to save time with saved audiences, and a daily/lifetime budget pacing tool, the platform has limitations that StitcherAds surpasses.

Our tool was built so you can cut through the noise and identify actionable insights, so you spend less time building reports and more time focusing on optimizing your campaigns. With StitcherAds saved audiences, you can save all of the targeting features Facebook Business Manager offers as well as saved placements, device targeting and permutations making it easy to leverage your highest performing audiences. With our pacing tool, you can automatically delegate your spend based on demand or spend, and track how you’re pacing during a flight that isn’t available through Facebook. We also offer a saved creative view, allowing you to quickly apply creative, a feature you won’t find on Facebook.

There are few things as important as the audience you’re targeting. That being said, your first-party data can only go so far. Enter, Lookalike Audiences. Lookalike Audiences take your data and find an audience that is likely to have similar interests and demographics. This allows you to scale your data and reach audiences likely to engage with your brand because they’re similar to your top-performing existing customers.

With Facebook Business Manager, you can build a Lookalike Audience of up to 10% to reach audiences similar to your first-party data. Where StitcherAds differs from Facebook Business Manager, is in the percent of the audience you can choose to target. With StitcherAds, you can choose to target up to 20% of your Lookalike Audience and reach a much larger pool of people. Having this larger segment allows you to easily reach people that are likely to be interested in your brand since they’re based on existing customers. Using a larger Lookalike Audience is particularly effective for prospecting since you already know the products resonate with similar audiences.

You can target the right people on the right platform, but if your creative doesn’t stand out your ads will flop. With an overwhelming amount of content and competitors to stand out from, it’s imperative that your creative immediately catches the attention of your target audience. With Facebook Business Manager, you can upload your creative, add simple overlays and choose from a variety of fonts and shapes to add a layer of excitement to your creative. 

With StitcherAds, you can blow your competitors out of the water with creative overlays not offered by Facebook. Our Creative Suite allows you to stay on-brand with your own fonts, logos, buttons, and more that make your creative shine. Add borders, banners, and backgrounds to your ads to stop people from scrolling past your ads and drive engagement.

At StitcherAds we have the goal to make every ad welcome by building highly relevant, ultra-engaging ads that will deliver results for your team. If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk! Request a demo.